Katherine Quinn Collection

19th Sep 2023

Katherine Quinn Collection

Nestling is proud to have worked with renowned NZ illustrator Katherine Quinn to bring you a collection of exclusive prints for your little one to enjoy everyday.  

Katherine’s witty and imaginative patterns have garnered international acclaim and have found their way into many loved bedtime storybooks. Residing in Pakipaki, nestled on a small hill in Hastings, New Zealand, Katherine finds inspiration from her surroundings, along with the companionship of her family and beloved cat, Rosie.

Katherine’s work is distinguished by its originality, wit, and undeniable charm, characterised by a distinct colour palette and a signature style that is instantly recognizable. She finds great joy in the technical process of creating repeat patterns, reveling in the satisfaction of ensuring every element fits perfectly and repeats seamlessly.

Six of Katherine's prints (Hummingbirds, Lilac Bunnies, Dogs on Holiday, Dinosaurs, All the Dogs and Under the Sea) are available in:

  • Sassy Complete Snap Nappy
  • Sassy Complete Simple Nappy
  • Straight Up Nappy
  • Wee Pants Training Undies
  • Snap Swim Nappy
  • UPF 50+ Swim Rash Vest
  • Waterproof Quilted Play Mat
  • Quilted Change Mats
  • Double Pocket Wet Bag

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