How to clean your Sassy by Nestling modern cloth nappies

19th Sep 2023

How to clean your Sassy by Nestling modern cloth nappies

Many new parents are put off using cloth nappies because they think the washing will be too much work. Once you've got a routine, however, it's easy to keep it up so you can reap all the rewards of using cloth vs disposable nappies.  

It's recommended two pre-wash all nappies before adding them to a main wash.  Here's the best practice for keeping reusable cloth nappies clean and in top top shape so they last.

    1. Nappy Change:- After removing your child's used nappy, flick the solid poo into the loo and give it a quick rinse off if needed.  Wet only nappies can be dry pailed straight away

    2. Basket (Dry Pail): Put the insert pads & nappy outer shell into an airy laundry basket or washing machine with the lid open. Good airflow is the key.  There's no need to soak your nappies and this is not recommended.

    3. Prewash: Wash the nappies only at 40 degrees to 60 degrees using washing powder (Persil Ultimate is excellent) No fabric softener or beach.

    4. Main Wash:  Within 2 days, top up the washing machine with other small laundry items and put through a full wash at 40-60 degrees.  This ensures good agitation for a thorough clean.

    5. Line Dry: Avoid prolonged sun exposure of the nappy outer shells. Booster pads can be tumble dried or placed on a heated towel rail if needed

    6. Stuff:  Put the pad (s) into the nappy ahead of time. Avoid scratching the waterproof layer with rings or fingernails.

Other washing tips

  • Never use fabric softener or bleach
  • Some parents will prewash first thing every morning when the night nappy comes off, but do what works for you
  • Never wash at more than 60 degrees celcius as this can destroy the PUL lining
  • Never soak cloth nappies
  • Persil Ultimate is highly recommended as providing an excellent clean for cloth nappies
  • Choose a basket (or dry pail) which offers a good amount of airflow
  • Many parents will top up the main wash with other baby items such as re-usable wipes, clothes, spill cloths etc
  • Use can use sard or sunlight soap to further scrub any further soiling of the nappy prioer to washing