Nursing and Teething Necklace – Chocolate and Turquoise

Nursing and Teething Necklace by Kangaroo Care


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This totally natural necklace is a must-have for every breastfeeding & babywearing mommy or just for those who loves nature and everything natural. It is completely safe for your baby to touch and chew on, not to mention and it is just beautiful to wear! :)

KangarooCare’s breastfeeding & babywearing necklaces:

– are 100% natural, vegan, human and eco-friendly
– help to catch your baby’s attention while breastfeeding / bottle-feeding
– perfect accessory for babywearing mommies
– or use it all the time you want to catch your baby’s attention and stimulate him or her to look and explore
– stimulate your baby to touch, look and explore
– completely safe to chew on
– different textures help to evolve your baby’s fine motor skills
– make a perfect baby shower gift
-colorful and fun to wear!

I am sure this nursing necklace will be your baby’s favorite!

Adjustable length.

PLEASE NOTE: although this necklace is made to be very safe for children, never leave your child unattended with it!