Girasol – Sadie’s Rainbow Grey Herringbone Ring Sling


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Ring Slings are great to use from newborn through to toddler, we recommend carrying your newborn in an upright position, tummy to tummy, this way you can monitor baby at all times.  Once baby has good head control you then carry baby on the hip, ring slings are light weight, fully adjustable and a great for quick carriers and are relatively easy to use. Girasol Ring Slings are great for newborns.

The story behind the beautiful Sadie’s Rainbow. Sadie is a fiery little one year old, nearly two year old that loves the movie “FROZEN”. Anything and everything that has a blue or blue green is called “Elsa.” It could be a pair of shoes, her tooth brush, or even a pen. All are “Elsas” in her book. Her favorite color is pink. We’ve always tried to let our kiddos wear and love whatever color they like, and although she loves her brothers shoes and toys she still loves pink and of course “Elsa.”

Whether you have a wee Sadie of your own, we hope that you enjoy this woven with such a fun color combo as much as we do!