Girasol – Sadie’s Rainbow Creme



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Girasol woven wraps come in a range of colours, hand woven in Gautemalma from 100% cotton, Girasol woven wraps make the perfect beginners wrap suitable for newborns and toddlers.

Only pure untreated cotton that has neither been pre-bleached or chemically finished is used. Girasol do not use formaldehyde, halogen-organic compounds, aromatic amines or brighteners. And our fabrics are not treated subsequently with chemicals or finishes.

Our select weavers are masters of a very difficult and ancient skill: diagonal weaving. A high-quality baby carrier produced with this method of weaving will always adapt elastically and never stretch out of shape. The hems have been doubled to prevent the edges from causing any unpleasant pressure.

The story behind the beautiful Sadie’s Rainbow. Sadie is a fiery little one year old, nearly two year old that loves the movie “FROZEN”. Anything and everything that has a blue or blue green is called “Elsa.” It could be a pair of shoes, her tooth brush, or even a pen. All are “Elsas” in her book. Her favorite color is pink. We’ve always tried to let our kiddos wear and love whatever color they like, and although she loves her brothers shoes and toys she still loves pink and of course “Elsa.”

Whether you have a wee Sadie of your own, we hope that you enjoy this woven with such a fun color combo as much as we do!