Varja is from Estonia, she is a mum of 2 kids. I am also the owner and creator of KangarooCare – the brand for handmade breastfeeding & babywearing necklaces made out of crochet covered wooden beads and plain wooden beads. With the thousands nursing necklaces & teething toys sold all over the world, the safety and quality are our number one priorities.

What is a breastfeeding and Babywearing Necklace

Breastfeeding & babywearing necklace is a the must-have accessory for every mom, because it makes mommy beautiful and baby happy 🙂

KangarooCare necklaces help to catch your baby’s attention while breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, and avoid pinching your nose or pulling your hair. KangarooCare necklace is also a perfect accessory for babywearers, because it keeps your baby hands busy while you are walking or doing your homework. Babies just LOVE playing with these beads! Bright cotton covered beads and different textures help to improve the vision of your baby, evolve the fine motor skills and stimulate him or her to look and explore.

KangarooCare’s breastfeeding & babywearing necklaces are completely safe for your baby to chew on, because they are made using only the best quality natural materials, and are really sturdy.

All KangarooCare  necklaces, teethers & bracelets are exclusively handmade in Estonia (Europe) using only the best quality natural materials: wood and cotton. Our beads are crocheted using a high-quality 100% cotton thread, which makes them really sturdy and safe for your little one. The wooden beads that we use are also handmade here in Estonia from the local organically grown wood. These beads make us different from others and truly unique. Being made by hand, each and every bead has it’s own shape, size and pattern. You won’t find anything made out of such beads anywhere else.

 Here are some more benefits of the KangarooCare’s breastfeeding & babywearing jewelry:

  • it is 100% natural, vegan, human and eco-friendly
  • Helps to catch your baby’s attention while breastfeeding and bottle feeding
  • Perfect accessory for babywearing mommies
  • You can use it during the whole “baby period” and even after it
  • All KangarooCare stuff is completely safe to chew on
  • Different textures help to evolve your baby’s fine motor skills
  • Its a wonderful baby shower gift
  • Its colourful and fu


KangarooCare is also an internationally registered trademark and the owner of some patented designs.

What are these made from

KangarooCare’s necklaces and teething toys are made using crocheted wooden beads. Each colored bead was separately crochet-covered with the high-quality cotton yarn. The wood beads that we use for crocheting are made of apple wood. Those beautiful plain wooden beads that we put in between are made of apple wood (darker ones) and juniper wood (lighter ones). These beads were handmade here in Estonia specially for KangarooCare, and you won’t find things made out of such beads anywhere else.

Oak Wood – oak wood is well known all over the world by it’s firmness and durability. I really love this wood type because it has a wonderful light brown color (like coffee with milk) and very stable pattern. The oak wood doesn’t have any smell, and stays beautiful even after many washings 🙂

Apple wood – the color varies from a very dark chocolate brown, to a light brown. May contain some creamy white stripes and spots. This wood type is really beautiful, and is very sturdy. It is totally normal for the apple wood to become lighter and drier after getting wet.

Juniper wood – the color varies from a light creamy white to yellowish. The juniper wood smells, and this smell is divine!!! If someone asks I always recommend choosing a juniper wood necklace because of it’s smell and healing properties. This wood type is VERY patterned, and some brown, black, or even orange spots ans stripes are completely fine and the item is still safe for your baby to play with and chew on. The juniper wood is “softer” then the apple wood, that’s why I would’t recommend the juniper necklace for the teething toddlers, and/or “hardcore” pulling and playing. This doesn’t mean that the juniper wood is not meant for babies, I just want to say, that you must be more gentle with it. It is safe for teething, and won’t get “dry” as quickly as the apple wood.