Nestling Merino Swaddle Wraps

Merino Wraps


The First Breath 100% Organic Merino Wrap helps baby feel secure and cozy ensuring a more peaceful nights sleep and is suitable for all seasons.

Merino is renowned for its wonderful ability to maintain a suitable micro-climate between baby and garment. The perfect material to swaddle baby is also due to the fabric’s natural elasticity allowing baby to move as in mother’s womb, eliminating the newborns startle reflex.

Merino wool allows ventilation to the skin and has the ability to absorb body moisture. Merino fibre will absorb up to 35% of its own weight in water before it evens begins to feel wet, this helps regulates babies temperature unlike synthetic fabrics which can cause overheating.

Merino wool is non-irriating and non allergenic, so soft and great for sensitive skin.

Organic Merino is produced in our own back yard, here in Aotearoa.  Being Organic, you can be assured that the wool is produced with Organic farming methods which eliminate any toxic chemicals, pesticides, formaldehyde and other additives that are used in the conventional farming processes.

Merino wool is naturally flame resistant and has a low heat combustion and low rate of heat release.

When purchasing Organic, you are not only looking after your child now but are also investing into their future too.

Defining Organic Merino

Defining Organic Merino

Organic wool represents a natural fibre that is grown in a natural environment without the use of:

Hormones, Pesticides, Agricultural chemicals, Steroids, Vaccines, Antibiotics, Herbicides, GMO’s, Fungicides.

Merino is the Worlds naturally technical fibre which is renewable and bio-degradable. It’s natural proteins will completely break down with environmental exposure into organic carbon and return to the environment in years to come.

Nestling certified Organic Merino Wool used to make our baby wraps is the perfect fabric for babies. It insulates, absorbs body moisture, breathes and is soft and non-irritating. This is very important for babies who still have fragile temperature mechanisms.

Nestling organic wool is completely free of all chemicals eg scours, drenches, bleaches used in the wool process – which can contribute to wool sensitivity or wool allergy in some people.

Organic Merino Wool production is based on positive holistic management systems, which reduce or eliminate the need for most agricultural chemicals and promote healthy soil, air, waterways and humane animal practices. Thus, happy sheep, babies and parents.

Organic sheep are bred for resistance to parasites and are fed outdoors all year round on special herbal pastures to build healthy immune systems. Organic sheep must graze only on certified organic farms and be fed certified organic stock feed. Genetically engineered or modified feed is prohibited, drenching is done naturally and mulesing is not practiced.

Nestling Organic Cotton

The cotton we source is grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides and is processed according to strict SKAL International standards for sustainable textile production. SKAL surveys the organic production by means of inspection and certification. Inspections consist of visits to farms, processing and importing units, as well as examination of soil, crop or tissue samples and administrative assessments. The fibre and yarn is certified by Control Union Certifications, the international inspection body to ensure compliance to EKO Sustainable Textile standards from organic production methods.

Organic cotton is fine, soft and strong. It is the ideal fabric for a baby’s sensitive skin as it is grown and processed without the use of harmful chemicals. Conventionally grown cotton is one of the most destructive crops grown in the world today, whereas organic cotton farming promotes clean air, water and soil. Organic Cotton does not endanger wildlife or human health. So you can rest assured you are getting the most pure product for your baby.

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