Customer Service FAQ’s

When will I receive my order?

Your order will be shipped within 1-3 working days.

Returns & Refunds

If you wish to return an item, Nestling will offer you an exchange or credit note as along as you;

–  Return the goods within 14 days of purchase

– You return the product with original packaging, manuals and accessories

– The product is unworn, unopened and in original condition

Returns and refunds excludes gift vouchers or products that have been won through promotions, competitions or giveaways.

You’ll be responsible for the shipping costs in getting the goods back to us and if you are exchanging goods, also shipping the new items back to you.

If Nesting is not satisfied with the above, Nestling reserves the right not to exchange or offer a  credit note.

Do you ship outside of NZ

Yes we do, orders via Australia can be placed online, international courier normally takes 6-8 working days.

For orders outside of New Zealand and Australia – please email info@nestling.co.nz and we can arrange this for you.

Please note that we cannot ship Tula Carriers, Tula Ring Slings, Tula Woven Wraps and Tula Blankets outside of New Zealand. We can ship Tula Exclusives, Tula Wrap Conversions and discontinued canvas prints.

Do you Lay buy

Yes we do, please see our terms and conditions Here

Baby Carrier FAQS

Tula Carriers

Where are the carriers manufactured?

Tula carriers are 100% designed and manufactured in our own manufacturing plant in Poland. Our carriers are manufactured with materials produced in EU or the USA. Our frame is sewn from 100% cotton, which has the Certificate of Oko-Tex Standard 100

Can I wear baby facing forward (away from the body)? 

No. Our carriers are designed to be worn only in most natural and ergonomic position for the baby, which is facing towards the parents, either on the front or back carry position.

Are Tula carriers machine washable? 

Yes. However, we encourage regular maintenance by using a soft cloth, soap and warm water. For machine washes, use cold water with mild detergent. Dry in the open air. (Do not machine wash too often).

Can I breast feed while my child is in the carrier? 

Yes! Adjust the carrier so that you and your baby are comfortable.

Can I use this carrier for my baby under 7kg?

We recommend that you use Tula carrier with an infant insert for babies under 7kg. The most optimal way of wearing infants is a wrap.

What is a Tula Wrap Conversion

A Tula Wrap conversion is a Tula Carrier made from a Woven Wrap.  Tula Wrap Conversions are available in both the standard and toddler size, the panel measurements, waist belt, straps are all the same, the only difference is parts of the carriers are made from a strong sturdy woven wrap.

There are three kinds of Tula Wrap Conversions

Full Standard and Toddler Wrap Conversions – This is where the entire carrier is made from the Woven Wrap instead of Canvas, this include the inside front panel, waist band, straps and hood.

Half Standard and Toddler Wrap Conversions – The carrier is made from the woven wrap on the front panel, front of waist belt pocket and front shoulder straps.  The back of the panel, waist belt and shoulder straps of the carrier are made out of brushed canvas. The hood will be either made from Canvas or cotton.

Semi Standard and Toddler Wrap Conversions – The entire carrier including is made out of brushed canvas, the front panel is made out of a a woven wrap. The hood will be made from canvas or cotton

Why do prices vary?

Tula Wrap conversions vary in price depending on the type of wrap conversion you purchase, a full standard wrap conversion uses more fabric than a 1/2 or semi.  The cost will also depend on the type of wrap used to make the carrier and if they are a common woven wrap, exclusive or limited edition.

Why are they so much more than the Tula Canvas Carriers?

The price does depend on the Woven Wraps used to make the Tula Carrier and the length of wraps supplied. The carriers are also made by hand, each wrap is laid out to ensure that the pattern repeat of the woven wraps is included in each carrier and that each part of the wrap can be used to  make it more economical and cost effective.

Will I receive any wrap scrap with my wrap conversion?

The likely hood of any wrap being left over to have accessories made is minimal as we do try and use as much of the wrap as we can to make it more economical.

How do you list the Wrap Conversions?

We normally list the Wrap Conversions on our website at a certain day and time, all notifications on the stocking will be listed on the Nestling and Tula Baby Carriers NZ Facebook page.

We will give you plenty of notice and warning on when we intend on listing the Wrap Conversions.

Can I buy more than one Wrap Conversion?

To make it fair and to ensure that all mamas get a chance to purchase a Tula Wrap Conversion, we do only allow one purchase per stocking.

What countries will the stocking be available too?

The stocking will be only available to New Zealand and Australia.

Nestling Pouch Slings

What if my baby doesn’t like to be put in a baby sling or baby carrier?

A newborn will feel most comfortable if put in a baby sling, as the “cocoon” mimics the mothers’ womb. In fact, it has been known that babies who are carried often in such a manner usually thrives.
However, some older babies who are being introduced to a baby sling or baby carrier for the first time may resist simply because they are not used to it. Some parents who had a little problem wearing their babies soon realize that a baby’s initial resistance is usually due to the fact that the wearer is not yet proficient with the baby sling, not because of the baby sling itself. Some people may need a little practice before it becomes second nature.

Will my baby get too warm inside a sling?

All babies naturally love to be carried. Our Merino is the perfect fabric for ‘baby wearing’ due to the wonderous fibres regulating baby’s body temperature.  Keeping baby warm when its cool and cool when its hot. Read more here.

What are the benefits of carrying my baby?

Helps parent & child bonding,
helps prevent colic
Research has also shown that babies who are carried tend to cry less often and feel more confident as they grow up. This is simply because they have frequently been hugged by the persons they love most which gives them a sense of security.
With a design that suits you sense of style, you will also have confidence that you look great too!.

More info here http://www.llli.org/FAQ/babywearing.html

Will my baby get so used to it he or she needs to be carried all the time?

Some parents are afraid to carry their babies because they are afraid their babies get “used” to them. Let us assure you that this is not the case. Those of us who have worn our babies when they were little generally find that our children outgrow the carrying phase when the time comes. This is simply because we have given them the carrying they need and being close to them for their first months of life. They also learn to trust that we will be there if they need us and therefore are confident to venture forth when they are ready. Babywearing is not about carrying your baby all the time, it is about carrying them when they needed to be carried.

Kangaroo Care Necklaces:

Warning: Kangaroo-Care  Necklaces are to be worn by the adult,  children & babies can chew and chomp on the necklace under supervision – this is not a Toy, do not leave children under 4 unsupervised.

What are Kangaroo-Care Necklace made from

KangarooCare’s necklaces and teething toys are made using crocheted wooden beads. Each colored bead was separately crochet-covered with the high-quality cotton yarn. The wood beads that we use for crocheting are made of apple wood. Those beautiful plain wooden beads that we put in between are made of apple wood (darker ones) and juniper wood (lighter ones). These beads were handmade here in Estonia specially for KangarooCare, and you won’t find things made out of such beads anywhere else.

Oak Wood – oak wood is well known all over the world by it’s firmness and durability. I really love this wood type because it has a wonderful light brown color (like coffee with milk) and very stable pattern. The oak wood doesn’t have any smell, and stays beautiful even after many washings 🙂

Apple wood – the color varies from a very dark chocolate brown, to a light brown. May contain some creamy white stripes and spots. This wood type is really beautiful, and is very sturdy. It is totally normal for the apple wood to become lighter and drier after getting wet.

Juniper wood – the color varies from a light creamy white to yellowish. The juniper wood smells, and this smell is divine!!! If someone asks I always recommend choosing a juniper wood necklace because of it’s smell and healing properties. This wood type is VERY patterned, and some brown, black, or even orange spots ans stripes are completely fine and the item is still safe for your baby to play with and chew on.

What makes them different to other necklaces

All KangarooCare  necklaces, teethers & bracelets are exclusively handmade in Estonia (Europe) using only the best quality natural materials: wood and cotton. Our beads are crocheted using a high-quality 100% cotton thread, which makes them really sturdy and safe for your little one. The wooden beads that we use are also handmade here in Estonia from the local organically grown wood. These beads make us different from others and truly unique. Being made by hand, each and every bead has it’s own shape, size and pattern. You won’t find anything made out of such beads anywhere else.

Can the necklace be cleaned

The Kangaroo-Care necklace can be washed in warm soapy water