The Emeibaby carrier is an adjustable hybrid carrier which is a combination of an SSC and a ring sling, if you love the simplicity of an SSC but love the adjustabilty of a ring sling and the closeness tight fit of a of a woven wrap, the Emeibaby is for you!

Emeibaby has the unique 3 point weight distribution giving you the perfect fit every time no matter how old your baby is.

The rings on both sides allows adjustability through the main panel of the carrier which is made from a woven wrap giving you the diagonal stretch and support of a woven wrap, whilst eliminating pressure against babies spine.

The seat of the carrier gives the option to fit a new born or can be adjusted to suit a toddler providing good knee to knee support. No insert required.  The waist band is generously padded and contoured to fit nicely around your waist. The buckle on the waist can be adjusted from both sides.

The straps are adjustable and there is also a band around the top of the panel that you can tighten and adjust to give more head and neck support.

Emeibaby carriers come in two sizes:

Baby size: newborns, babies and toddlers 3kg up to 18kg

Toddler+: From 1 year to 3 years max 18kg.

The emeibaby carrier distributes baby´s weight at three points:



1. shoulder straps
2. waist belt
2. and, that makes emeibaby unique, at the broad fabric at your side.

Due to this 3-point-weight-distribution you wear your baby as close to your body as possible and gravity centered. That makes emeibaby tremendously comfy.

View the video instructions here:

Tips and tricks with your Emeibaby, view here